Jinna Properties, LLC

 Purpose and Strategies

  1. Our Primary Aim
    • Our primary aim is to create a business franchise that functions passively (without us involved in day-to-day operations)
    • The business will be based on real estate investing primarily SFR, gradually diversifying profits into MFR and commercial.
    • Our focus will be on buyers and sellers that have above average motivational needs due to the static nature of real estate appreciation in our target market of Erie County NY 
  2. Our Strategic Objectives
    • The business should generate at least $150,000 per year in passive income and a net worth of $1M within the next 5 years.
    • Our mission is to sell peace of mind to sellers and hope to buyers
    • Our sellers are motivated by financial situations that require they sell their property fast. We provide them with multiple offers for a fast sale of their property satisfying their priority need so as to create a "win" for them.
    • Our buyers have suffered previous financial setbacks and want a way to rebuild their credit and own a home. We provide them with a way to purchase a home that provides them with both, mainly "Rent-to-Own" .
  3. Our Organizational Strategy
  4. Our Management Strategy
  5. Our People Strategy
    • Our decisions and actions are governed by our Christian values - integrity, vision, excellence, respect
    • The client is not always right but whether they are or not, it is our job to make them feel that way
    • Everyone that works here is expected to work toward being the best that he can be at the tasks he's accountable for
    • The business is a place where everything we know how to do is tested by what we don't know how to do, the conflict between the two creates growth and meaning
  6. Our Marketing Strategy
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Conversion
    • Client Fulfillment
  7. Our Systems Strategy
    • Hard Systems
      • Appropriate dress code
      • Phone systems- direct and "24-hr recorded message"
      • Computer network and Internet presence
      • Visual elements  - colors, brand, logos
    • Soft Systems
      • Sales Systems
        1. Identification of consumer decision points
        2. Scripts for each transaction type
          1. Appointment Presentation
          2. Needs Analysis Presentation
          3. Solutions Presentation
        3. Memorization of each script
        4. Identical delivery of script
        5. Effective communication skills (listening)
    • Information Systems
      1. Quantitative analysis of each component (Marketing, Finance, Personnel
      2. Accounting - QuickBooks Pro
      3. Client Management - ACT
      4. Research - First America Real Estate
      5. County Records- WNY Search